Loan without paycheck, but what guarantees?

The paycheck represents the most complete document to be able to evaluate the income situation of a worker: it contains information on the date of hiring, on the presence of transfer quotas of the fifth, etc.

The preference that banks show towards it is due to the fact that it represents also the simplest way that can be replaced with the CUD if the recurring payment with the specific indication (for example emoluments) can be identified on the current account.

However, some banks are still obstructing in this regard, so one must first ascertain the state of flexibility shown. Not infrequently, however, there is no real paycheck to be submitted together with the request for financing, and in this regard there is no rule that applies to all banks.


When is a guarantor accepted as a guarantee without a paycheck?


A situation that often occurs in this regard is that of housewives who have no demonstrable income. However, for them there are no major problems in the presentation of a guarantor if it is a spouse (especially if you have a communion of assets) or a parent or a brother (in all cases it is even better if they present themselves as co -obliged).

The banks do not make great resistance if in general there is a kinship link between the financed and the guarantor, while if this assumption is lost, difficulties may arise for slightly higher amounts.


Without paycheck but with wealth: the easiest solutions

money loan

Banks are always willing to meet their customers who have money invested, especially to prevent customers from divesting those assets. Above certain amounts you can even get very advantageous rates, so if you have investments scattered in different banks, (and maybe some products are not very satisfactory), the right motivation has come to group the investments and take advantage of the facilities on the loan . In this case, the lending bank has a document signed which prevents the investments or securities given as collateral from being sold, until the loan is repaid.

The best solution, however, is represented by the opening of an account credit which charges interest only on the money actually used. Obviously there is always the possibility of requesting a liquidity loan, but you must be the owner of a property, on which the mortgage will be placed as collateral for the loan itself.

Finally, there is the possibility of taking advantage of the loan changed but the banks hardly agree to provide this form of loan if they are not also guaranteed by demonstrable or non-demonstrable income.


Without a paycheck, without investments and without real estate: credit with a pledge

investment loan

In this case we go back a little to the old, given that the loan on pawn remains a more elegant evolution of the barter. By contacting the banks to pledge precious items, the best valuations are obtained, as well as the acceptable interest rates, rather than going to the pawnshops. In any case, it is necessary to possess very specific valuable goods, generally represented by certified works of art or precious objects.